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About Actors Equity

Profile of Actors Equity

Actors’ Equity, the professional organization of the television actors in Bangladesh. he organization works to promote right of the television actors, to make the profession a formal and acknowledged one, to help the struggling actors, to bridge with other creative professionals, to create guideline for salary structure, to design terms for negotiations with the production companies, and to meet many more objectives.

Actors’ Equity was established in 1998 with an ad-hoc committee. It was more like an informal organization then without any government registration. In 2017, the first ever election took place in this organization. This is a body works for two years. The second elected committee took office in 2019.In February 2018, the organization was registered under the social welfare ministry of the government of Bangladesh. Run by a well-structured ordinance and guided by an advisory board consisting of a number of veteran actors, the organization has been inclusive and ever expanding in terms of the number of professionals getting membership. Every year, this organization arranges a huge get together where all the television come together. Further, the organization took initiative to honor some renowned and veteran actors with the life-long membership of this organization. With some negotiations with the hospitals and clinics, the organization assured reduced price for health services received by its members.

[Photo: recently elected executive body members]

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